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Sinn Féin ‘right on burning bondholders’ – Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said the party’s consistent position of imposing losses on senior bondholders following the banking collapse is borne out in evidence to the Banking Inquiry. Teachta Adams said it was further evidence that the … Continue reading

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Ireland, The Euroland Poster Boy, “Exits” Troika Bailout Program

The Euroland poster boy Ireland supposedly exit its bailout which is being touted as a “success story” but only mean it no longer gets fund and is stuck paying a huge 78 billion euro debt which require ever more austerity.  … Continue reading

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Even the Troika Think Irish Government Wrong to Accept Bank Bailout and Austerity!

International Monetary Fund’s mission chief for Ireland, Ashoka Mody, was a member of the troika team that put together the bailout package for the Irish banks.  Now, three years later, he says that his troika partners’ – ECB and EU … Continue reading

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Burning the Bondholders – That’s Irish for Glass-Steagall!

Ahead of the report to be issued sometime this week by the British Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, BBC business editor Robert Peston has suggested that “another, more radical option is also being assessed by the Treasury”. This would involve … Continue reading

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A Cypriot Lesson: Glass-Steagall or Suicide

As this is being written, on Monday night, the eurozone finance ministers are holding an urgent teleconference on the Cypriot crisis. They had, of course, caused the crisis themselves, by deciding after a ten hour meeting in Brussels on Friday, … Continue reading

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Gerry Adams: “Sinn Féin wants the government to succeed but success needs a different approach.”

Commenting on yesterday’s joint communique from Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said: “Despite the hype, yesterday’s joint communiqué from the Taoiseach and the German Chancellor fails to provide the necessary clarity … Continue reading

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Escape the Lynch Mob Enda – Go With Glass Steagall

So, Enda Kenny tells us that he’s not going to waste time or energy chasing after rainbows.  Well, we’d like to ask him just what he thinks he’s been doing this last 6 months, chasing after the mirage of a … Continue reading

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Gerry Adams voices his agreement on the principles of Glass Steagall

Following his address at the launch of Museam An Ghorta Mór at Quinnipiac University, Gerry Adams fields a question from Executive Intelligence Review’s Matthew Ogden on the subject of Glass Steagall.  His answer illustrates Sinn Fein’s agreement with the principles … Continue reading

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FDIC Director (and former Kansas City Fed chairman) Thomas Hoenig Endorses Glass-Steagall

Former Kansas City Fed chairman Thomas Hoenig Monday writes another strong endorsement of Glass-Steagall, under the headline “No More Welfare for Banks.” Saying he has a “proposal to strengthen the US financial system by simplifying its structure and making its … Continue reading

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Enda Kenny says he won’t participate in Vincent Browne hosted Fiscal Treaty debate with Gerry Adams

TV3 yesterday announced that they had invited Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams to participate in a live Fiscal Treaty debate hosted by Vincent Browne to take place just days before the May 31st referendum. Adams yesterday … Continue reading

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