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Manhattan Town Hall event with Michael Steger (with transcript)

    LPAC Policy Committee member Michael Steger is the featured guest on this week’s Manhattan town hall event with NYC activists. TRANSCRIPT DIANE SARE:  Welcome to the LaRouche PAC Saturday town hall meeting.  I’m Diane Sare.  Dennis Speed will be here, … Continue reading

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For Use in Water-Stressed California: Israeli Desalination Success with New Technology

An article in Ensia of July 19, reprinted in the Scientific American on July 29, provides a shining example how the almost-arid Israel, using a technologically improved reverse-osmosis desalination of seawater, has become a water-surplus nation, at least as of … Continue reading

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San Francisco Schiller Institute Seminar: Will the U.S. Join the New Silk Road? (with Q&A transcript)

    The Schiller Institute’s Strategic Seminar in San Francisco on June 8, drew 70 guests and experts to discuss the urgent topic “Will the U.S. Join the New Silk Road? Global Scientific Development or Nuclear War.” That question is … Continue reading

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Hard Words; Who Can Hear Them?

  by Tony Papert Yesterday, probable FBI interference had almost succeeded in preventing Lyndon LaRouche’s participation, via internet, in a major Northern California conference organized by his associates. LaRouche would have been unable to participate but for a timely intervention … Continue reading

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‘One Step More, and We Lose Our Humanity’

The warning, “One step more, and we lose our humanity,” was a powerful focus in the presentation by Helga Zepp-LaRouche Jan. 26, at the National Press Club forum in Washington, D.C., hosted by EIR, titled, “Only a Scientific and Cultural … Continue reading

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Bay Area LaRouche PAC Event a Tour d’Horizon of World and Beyond

On Saturday, December 12, the Bay Area LaRouche PAC conference, “End Obama’s Threat of Nuclear War — Establish the New Paradigm,” proved a riveting four-hour session of deliberative discussion of mankind’s common aims and urgent tasks. Presentations by Lyndon LaRouche, … Continue reading

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New York Times Cowers in Fear of Obama and Covers for San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

The New York Times shamelessly gave cover to President Barack Obama’s latest Big Lie, claiming that the San Bernardino terrorist attack was not a replay of the Paris armed, blind terror attack of Nov. 13.  The Times devoted the lead … Continue reading

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Gen. Flynn “Steps Up” To Urge International Anti-Terror Coordination in Moscow

Outspoken former head of U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, was a featured speaker at an RT international conference Thursday in Moscow, stressing the need for cooperation between the United States, Russia, and others, to defeat the Islamic … Continue reading

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COP21 Pre-Meeting in Bonn Cooks Up Text for Paris; New Schellnhuber Report Demands World Low-Carbon Commitment

Final talks ended in Bonn last night, on the draft statement for the Paris global warming event in December, the COP21 (the 21st Conference of the Parties), starting on Nov. 29. At the beginning of this week, a draft text, … Continue reading

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Shaping the New Presidency

Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks on May 31, 2015. I’ve expressed this several times in public, and I think I should restate the case right now, just to make sure that this thing is solidly understood. We are on … Continue reading

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