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Political and Economic Chaos in the UK

The Brexit vote has exposed (not caused) the bankruptcy of the entire western financial system, but also the political bankruptcy of the Blair/Cameron era of the British Empire. Cameron has resigned, but won’t leave for at least four months, and … Continue reading

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‘Panama Papers’ Also Expose the Banks, Particularly HSBC

Amid the international furor over the April 4 announcement of a vast collection of “shell company” creation documents somehow obtained from a Panama law firm, Bloomberg News on April 5 and 6 carried two interesting reports. They contribute to the … Continue reading

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Martin McGuinness on current political situation in the Assembly

This week we are facing into a building crisis in the political institutions in the North. The immediate difficulties we are facing into have been triggered by the DUP’s decision to bring forward a welfare bill to the Assembly, which … Continue reading

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The BRICS New Move: ‘Real Wars are Sometimes Won This Way’

209 SHARES The United Nations Security Council was suddenly presented, May 11, with a “European” resolution demanding authorization to carry out a second war on Libya, under the “humanitarian R2P” pretense of the Mediterranean refugee crisis—caused by the first, Cameron/Obama … Continue reading

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Don’t Try To Control An Uncontrollable War • Impeach Obama Now; Create A Solution For The United States

In its development since the mid-July “Fortaleza” summits of the BRICS and supporting nations, the new policy of peace through development for all nations has changed the potential of the whole international situation. The New Silk Road policy of China, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Non-Coalition of the Unwilling Takes Shape To Go to War Against ISIS

  A year after Obama’s failed effort, on the queen’s instructions, to launch airstrikes against the Assad government in Syria, he’s at it again, as part of the British Empire’s global drive to unleash war to surround and sink Russia … Continue reading

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Kerry Shakes Hands With the Salafi-Takfiri Killers in Syria

Showing utter contempt for human life, Obama’s Man, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Friday, met the visiting Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiya on April 11 in Washington. “We’ve had a very strong and collaborative relationship working on our … Continue reading

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Cameron Goes Ballistic At European Efforts To Rein In NSA-GCHQ Spying

Oct. 26 (LPAC)–British Prime Minister David Cameron went off the deep end, yesterday, when confronted by other European leaders about the combined U.S.-British spying on the rest of the world. Cameron, speaking at the EU summit in Brussels claimed that … Continue reading

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Russian National TV: Will U.S. Army Be Mercenaries for the Saudis?

10 Sept. (EIRNS) Sunday night’s weekly news review program with Irada Zeynalova on Channel One Russia featured a segment titled “Playing with Fire: the Americans Attempt to Assemble a Strike Force against Syria,” which emphasized that Saudi Arabia is currently … Continue reading

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“Father of the House” Tapsell Argues that Syria Brings Up the “Armageddon Question”

6Sept. (EIRNS) Taking questions in the House of Commons, British Prime Minister David Cameron called on President Barack Obama to take military action against Syria, but reiterated that Great Britain will not participate in such action. He was warned by … Continue reading

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