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Class #5: Harmony of Confucian and Western Philosophy

  Broadcast LIVE at 2pm EDT on March 31. Taught by Mike Billington, EIR Asia Desk. The role of Confucianism in Chinese history is key to understanding China’s current leadership in the creation of the New Paradigm. Within the depths of … Continue reading

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Open Letter to President Donald Trump In Defense of Columbus

DOWNLOAD PDF by Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman, Movisol September 2017 President Donald Trump The White House Washington DC Mr. President: View full size Christopher Columbus’s expedition was a creative act, carrying through the mission outlined by Nicholas of Cusa. Shown: Columbus … Continue reading

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The BRICS, Led by China, Are Making a Scientific Revolution; It’s Time to Rid the U.S. of the Culture of Degeneracy

This week marks the formal launching of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), with 46 nations, including all of the leading nations of Eurasia, signing on to the China-led initiative. Many of the nations joining in the AIIB are unaware, … Continue reading

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LaRouche: The Reference Point Is Jeanne d’Arc, Cusa & Kepler

All people die, all men and women die. They will eventually die, so what’s the meaning of their life? The meaning of their life is what they contribute, to the future of mankind…. And it’s the people who create something … Continue reading

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Meeting the Threat of War from a Higher Standpoint

At this time, we now are looking the BRICS group of nations and their friends, because these groups of nations actually do represent a positive development process at this time, whereas the United States has been degenerating… Russia is a … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee · March 2, 2015

Transcript: MATTHEW OGDEN: Good afternoon, it’s March 2nd, 2015; my name is Matthew Ogden. You’re joining us for our weekly discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, and we apologize for technical difficulties [delaying the start of the program]. … … Continue reading

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February 27, 2015 – Friday Webcast with Jeffrey Steinberg, Dennis Small, and Ben Deniston

Transcript> MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. It’s February 27th, 2015. My name is Matthew Ogden, and I would like to welcome you to our weekly Friday night webcast here at larouchepac.com. We’ve got a full house tonight. I’m joined in the … Continue reading

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