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Bank of England Governor Demands G-20 Summit Impose Bail-In Thievery Across the Board

4 Sept. (LPAC)–Bank of England chairman Mark Carney, “speaking in his capacity as chairman of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the global financial regulator”, on Aug. 31 demanded that all countries implement the banking rules the top central banks have … Continue reading

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G20 Meeting in St. Petersburg

G-20 MEETING IN ST. PETERSBURG. Recall that Dmitri Rogozin had urged Putin months ago to make international cooperation around the Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE)  a central agenda item at the G-20 meeting. That would of course be the right … Continue reading

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Bank of England Assumes Dictatorial Powers

2 Apr. (LPAC) As of April 1, with the dismantling of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the Bank of England has assumed unprecedented dictatorial powers over both monetary policy and oversight over the banking and shadow banking sectors. Bloomberg correctly … Continue reading

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