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Lavrov: West’s “Post-Christian Messianism” Has Brought Chaos to the World — We Must Restore Human Values

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. (photo:kremlin.ru)   DOWNLOAD PDF With one day remaining under the degenerate, murderous Obama Administration, and with President-elect Trump pledging to end “regime change,” and restore relations with Russia, Russian Foreign … Continue reading

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The British Empire Is Crumbling, The Way Is Clear for a New Global Era

The British Empire system is continuing to collapse under the weight of the implosion of its financial system.  Now it is time to put together a new system that is free of deductive mathematics. We have been living in a … Continue reading

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There’s Man-Made Global Warming, in Hell: But What Nations Will Agree To Go There?

Anyone who reads the encyclical written by British Knight-Commander John Schellnhuber for issuance by Pope Francis, cannot escape that it is an attempt to destroy mankind–that sinful and violent race made from the mere soil of the creator “Mother Earth.” … Continue reading

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Free the Pope from Satan! Schellnhuber is a Satanic Figure!

Click to access Free%20the%20Pope%20from%20Satan.pdf During the most recent days, John Schellnhuber, a Satanist in the service of the British Royal Family, has in effect declared himself Pope. Schellnhuber was fraudulently inducted overnight into the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and tasked … Continue reading

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LaRouche: Mankind’s Role Today

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, during a meeting with associates, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a remarkable address identifying mankind’s essential mission today. Below is a transcript of the excerpted remarks. Now, what’s the issue here? What’s the fight about? The essential … Continue reading

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Releases ‘General Declaration of Independence of European Nations’

The following declaration was written to provide a conceptual basis to mobilize all those forces who, in this great crisis of civilization, wish to reshape the future of Europe as a community of principle among sovereign republics, and work together … Continue reading

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By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. January 12, 2014 That which, for me personally, have been the received Press Announcements on the subject of the Death of Israel’s Ariel Sharon, has been extremely distressing for me, for historical reasons which are … Continue reading

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The Lessons of Ukraine and Russia: A Readjustment for Survival (LPAC Friday Webcast)

Watch the full length WEBCAST from November 29th, 2013. MP3 Audio Here is the transcript: DENNIS MASON:  Good evening; it’s Friday, November 29, 2013.  This is our weekly broadcast of the Friday night webcast with Mr. LaRouche.  My name is Dennis … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin Delivers Speech on National Identity and Western Civilization

  On Sept. 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a discussion with participants in the Valday International Discussion Club, among them former European government officials Romano Prodi (Italy), Francois Fillon (France), and Volcker Ruehe (Germany). On the heels of decisive … Continue reading

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