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From the Ashes of Notre Dame de Paris

Fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral seen from Saint-Louis Island, Bourbon Quay, photo taken at 8:38pm Paris local time. 4/15/2019 (Cangadoba / Wikimedia Commons / CC Share Alike 4.0 International)   DOWNLOAD PDF Two days ago the world witnessed, dumbstruck, … Continue reading

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Are the Trans-Atlantic Nations Capable, Culturally, of Ending the Decay and Launching a New Paradigm?

In a terrible loss for all humanity, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire for 8 hours on April 15, 2019. The Cathedral was in repair/construction when the fire started. (Remi Mathis / Wikimedia / CC 4.0 … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – The Real Lyndon LaRouche

  In the days since Lyndon LaRouche’s death on February 12th, messages of condolence and remembrance have flooded in from around the world. The personality reflected in those statements is completely different from the caricature depicted in the obituaries published … Continue reading

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Schiller Institute Presidents’ Day Conference – Panels I, II & III

The Schiller Institute held the first U.S. national conference in over fifteen years on President’s Day weekend, yielding a tremendous success in respects to the quality of presentations and the participation by supporters around the world attending the conference. The … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – Moving the World Forward

  A slowly emerging wave of recognition is gathering internationally as to the significance of Lyndon LaRouche who died last week at the age of 96. The canned obits written by his hysterical opponents in London, Washington, and New York … Continue reading

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LPAC Class Series – Class #5, Feb 2: Friedrich Schiller, The Poet of Freedom

  Speaker: Will Wertz In his essay entitled “Can We Change the Universe?” Lyndon LaRouche wrote: “Schiller’s greatest achievement, beyond what Shakespeare accomplished at his best, lies in Schiller’s degree of emphasis upon the principle of the sublime.” The fundamental … Continue reading

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The Battle for the Future of Mankind Is Fully Engaged

President Donald J. Trump shakes hands and takes photos with military personnel during a stop-over at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany Wednesday evening, December 26, 2018, following his unannounced visit to U.S. troops at the Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq. … Continue reading

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Class #4—The Music of Creativity

  Broadcast LIVE at 2pm EDT on March 17. This class will be taught by John Sigerson, music director of the Schiller Institute, and will focus on those aspects of human social relations which make it possible for the human species … Continue reading

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Class #3—Are You Human, or ‘Hume-an’? The Philosophy of Geopolitics

  Broadcast LIVE at 7pm EST on Saturday, March 3. Dennis Small, EIR Intelligence Director for Ibero-America, presents the deeper, underlying axiomatic philosophical views behind the policies of geopolitics . The entire school of British philosophical radicalism was created to try … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Complex Domain

  You have been taught to think in such a way that you will be unable to find the truth. The fruitful and effective type of hypothesizing developed by Plato and the Renaissance, has been largely replaced with the notion … Continue reading

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