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London Would Be a Lot Happier, If Only Reality Didn’t Exist

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tours the NASA exhibit at the Space Symposium, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at Broadmoor Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)   DOWNLOAD PDF The reality is that the spirit of JFK’s Apollo Project … Continue reading

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LaRouche in Brazil, 2002: “Either We Shall Sail Together, or We Shall Sink Together”

In a solemn ceremony on June 12, 2002, then U.S. Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. was awarded honorary citizenship for São Paulo, Brazil by the City Council of that city of more than 18 million people, the … Continue reading

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LaRouche, Trump, and the Resurrection of the American Space Program

  At the President’s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week, an iconic image emerged from the crowd shots. Seated right behind the President was a man wearing a shirt which had a picture of President John F. Kennedy wearing … Continue reading

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End of Russiagate Beckons US-Russia Space Cooperation Asteroid Defense


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Collapse of Russiagate Exposes the British Hand Behind Attempted Coup in USA

As I’m sure you’re now aware, special counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called Russiagate report admits there was no evidence of collusion by President Trump or his campaign with Russia (leaving no legal basis for any charge of obstruction of justice). This … Continue reading

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Trump Escalates Moon-Mars Mission

President Donald J. Trump receives a NASA flight jacket on Tuesday March 21, 2017, after signing the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Paul … Continue reading

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How to Really Save the Planet: The Case of LaRouche, Reagan and Trump

  Bruce Director addresses three audiences today in NYC, Boston and Detroit on the necessity for an international agreement to challenge mankind with the highest scientific endeavor yet undertaken: space exploration and planetary defense. These challenges will organize our efforts … Continue reading

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