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Class #5: Harmony of Confucian and Western Philosophy

  Broadcast LIVE at 2pm EDT on March 31. Taught by Mike Billington, EIR Asia Desk. The role of Confucianism in Chinese history is key to understanding China’s current leadership in the creation of the New Paradigm. Within the depths of … Continue reading

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Kesha Rogers on China’s National Space Day, April 24

Standing before the statue of Confucius in Houston’s Rose Garden, LaRouche PAC Policy Committee member Kesha Rogers congratulates the nation of China for its establishing of a national day of celebration of its entry into the Space Age, and comments … Continue reading

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China’s Ambassador to Britain: “It’s an Opportunity, Not a Threat”

  China’s Ambassador to Britain: “It’s an Opportunity, Not a Threat” In an opinion piece published in the Financial Times, China’s ambassador to Great Britain, Liu Xiaoming, had some sage advice for those skeptics who see China’s New Silk Road … Continue reading

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China Continues To Respond To Obama’s Diaoyu Island Comments

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang again reiterated China’s response to the outrageous declaration by President Obama that the Diaoyu Islands would be covered by the terms of the U.S.-Japan Security Agreement. China lodged “solemn representations” with both the American and … Continue reading

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