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Cheminade 2017 tells Sputnik why Fillon and Le Pen signifies blood and tears for France

In an interview with Sputnik Christine Bierre, Chief Editor of Nouvelle Solidarite, the newspaper of the French political party Solidarite & Progres, formulated Cheminade’s views on the victory of François Fillon of the right wing primaries preceding the April 2017 … Continue reading

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Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Productivity

May 14, 2010 — One of the last space flights by NASA, Space Shuttle Atlantis visits the International Space Station for maintenance and assembly.   LaRouche’s Four Laws constitute one unified policy directed to the increase of human productivity. Consider, … Continue reading

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French Presidential Candidate Cheminade Responds to U.S. Elections, Trump Victory

  After being informed of the results of the U.S. Presidential election, Jacques Cheminade, a French presidential candidate for 2017, made a short video statement on Nov. 9. A transcript of his remarks are below. “The result of the U.S. … Continue reading

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The Potential for France & All of Europe in the Construction of the World Land-Bridge

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s address to Oct. 19 conference in Lyon, France, sponsored by the Schiller Institute and the Club China EM Lyon Forever. Let me start with an obvious question: What would Charles de Gaulle do today, to safeguard the French … Continue reading

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French Deputies: Hollande’s Russian Policy Made in the U.S. State Department

Some French politicians are charging that President Francois Hollande’s Russian policy is made at the U.S. State Department and are calling on France to cooperate with Russia, sharply contrasting Hollande’s policy with that of General Charles de Gaulle, who insisted … Continue reading

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The Only Way You Can Win is the Hard Way

DOWNLOAD PDF In just a few words spoken over a few minutes on Tuesday evening, Lyndon LaRouche spelled out starkly what he himself has long known, and what every successful architect of victory has known,— but what others refuse to face.  … Continue reading

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Cheminade Announces for the Presidency on France 2: ‘My Ideas Scare the French Political Caste’

Monday morning long-time collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, Jacques Cheminade, announced his candidacy to become French President in 2017, during a ten-minute interview with Guillaume Daret on “The Four Truths” program on France 2 national TV network. Aired at 7:40, on … Continue reading

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Putin Nails Obama, and LaRouche Drives it In

  President Putin gave his annual Address to the Federal Assembly today, before over 1,000 people in St. George’s Hall in the Kremlin.  He began by hailing the Russian servicemen who are fighting terrorism, then by introducing the wives of … Continue reading

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French Solidarité & Progrès Party Draft Bill for Glass-Steagall-Type Bank Separation

14 May (Nouvelle Solidarité) — Whereas each and every other political party in France, despite high-sounding speeches, have given up the fight against the financial oligarchy and submitted to the banking lobby’s “banking reform,” Solidarité & Progrès, the political party … Continue reading

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France – Cheminade Presidential Candidacy Going Official Today

After the initial round of media coverage, when the story broke Cheminade was “about to” file his signatures to acquire full ballot status in the French presidential race of April 22, today, a new wave of media coverage is hitting … Continue reading

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