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New York Times Column Lambastes Judge Griesa, Appeals Court and Supreme Court on Incompetent Handling of Argentina Sovereign Bond Case

The New York Times ran a column by Floyd Norris on July 25 in its Business Section entitled “The Muddled Case of Argentine Bonds.” The significance of the article is that the author exposes that, lo and behold! Judge Griesa … Continue reading

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There Will be No Catastrophe if Argentina Defaults; It’s the Vultures Who Will be Isolated

Several Argentine economists are discussing the fact that, should Argentina default, this will not mean the end of the world. Quite the contrary. “It’s the vultures who are isolated, from an international standpoint,” said anti-IMF economist Aldo Ferrer. “Their only … Continue reading

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Argentine Presidency Issues Full Page Ad Asking, Who Wants To Drive Argentina Into Default?

The Presidency of the Nation of the Argentine Republic ran a prominent, full-page color ad in the New York Times and Washington Post on Sunday, under the headline “Argentina Wants to Continue Paying its Debts But They Won’t Let it.” … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico on the Brink of Default; London and Wall Street Say `Kill Them All’

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, stands on the brink of a default, with $70 billion in debt, which Wall Street bloodsuckers say, should be paid by imposing brutal austerity on the island’s impoverished population. As the Washington … Continue reading

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Default Is Not the H-bomb, It’s the Trigger

Confirming the underlying panic among bankers about this first in a potential series of U.S. Treasury default crises, one well-informed banker told LPAC today that hyper-leveraged Wall Street banks are facing a threat of collapse. He laid out the “worst … Continue reading

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Plans for Dictatorship

by Nancy Spannaus In a commentary called “Bloomberg View,” entitled “Default or Breakdown,” the Bloomberg wire service implicitly encouraged President Obama to impose a dictatorship, if he cannot bend Congress to his will. This is not a party conflict, the … Continue reading

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With the Shutdown and Debt-limit Pending, Detroit Comes to Washington

Amidst all the shutdown rhetoric and insanity, one thing that has gotten lost is that Obama’s sequester policy is surviving and is still in full effect, Roll Call notes, pointing out that this is particularly the case at the Pentagon. … Continue reading

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