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Decision to rewrite the Proclamation described as a bad joke

[For those unfamiliar – The Easter Proclamation is the precise equivalent for Ireland that the Declaration of Independence is for the U.S.  As bad as Bush and Obama have been, they never went quite this far – can you imagine … Continue reading

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Destroy the British Empire By the Most Efficient Means Available: Impeach Obama

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, there is no more appropriate celebration than to impeach Obama before he blows up the world. In discussions over the past 48 hours, LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized that the number one global priority … Continue reading

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The Irish who signed the the Declaration of Independence

Excerpts from a piece by Brendan Patrick Keane at Irish Central.  Happy Independence Day! The Declaration of Independence is a physically beautiful document and when I was a kid I had an image of it on my wall. There were … Continue reading

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A Day of Independence

A LaRouchePAC Fourth of July Special. Including a July 4th, 1941 Address from President FDR, and a reading of the Declaration of Independence by President Kennedy in 1960.

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Releases ‘General Declaration of Independence of European Nations’

The following declaration was written to provide a conceptual basis to mobilize all those forces who, in this great crisis of civilization, wish to reshape the future of Europe as a community of principle among sovereign republics, and work together … Continue reading

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The Diplomacy of Leibniz: Wisdom Is The Science of Happiness

With the agreement on Syria signed by Russian  Foreign Minister Lavrov and American Secretary of State Kerry this morning we see a welcome opening for real diplomacy as opposed to threatening brutality. The person whose diplomatic idea of acting “for … Continue reading

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In these dark days when the financial oligarchs of the Empire tightens its death grip on the nations of Europe. Zepp LaRouche calls upon the citizens of America to defend their constitutional heritage. Helga- Zepp LaRouche– Message to the American … Continue reading

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