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Trump Builds Peace and Great-power Cooperation, Pulled Toward War at the Same Time

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks to the Venezuelan American community at the Florida International University Ocean Bank Convocation Center Monday, Feb. 18, 2019 in Miami, Fla. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)   In the past 72 hours, … Continue reading

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Abraham Bolden on Kennedy, LaRouche, and Trump

Abraham Bolden, the first African American enlisted into the Secret Service, who served on President John F. Kennedy’s detail, shares his first hand accounts of the disdain for President Kennedy and the change is was advocating for within the Secret … Continue reading

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Roger Stone: It’s a Fight for the Republic, Not the Two-Party Duopoly

  Adviser to the Trump faction of the Republican Party, Roger Stone, outlines the fight in the U.S. is for the survival of the republic, not a fight between the two parties. Stay in touch with the Schiller Institute https://schillerinstitute.nationbuild…

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The New Silk Road is Changing the World: US Must Join in 2018

Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche for her weekly international webcast. As we come to the end of a tumultuous year, the prospect of the consolidation of a New Paradigm of international cooperation is bright, one which can free the world from the … Continue reading

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One Person Can Make a Difference: Adam Carter Responds to Questions

On September 26, a UK citizen writing under the pseudonym Adam Carter responded to several short questions from EIR regarding his role in uncovering numerous inconsistencies in the reporting on Russia-Gate, most prominently regarding the purported Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0. … Continue reading

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Stop Comey’s FBI Coup Against Trump!

Former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey join Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House, June 21, 2013.   DOWNLOAD PDF Lyndon LaRouche called upon the American people to shut down the coup underway against President Trump … Continue reading

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Senator Black: CIA Lies Getting Harder to Believe

Virginia State Senator Richard Black definitively disputes the latest claims that the Syrian government attacked its own civilians with chemical weapons. What would have been their motive? There isn’t one, they didn’t gas their own civilians. Senator Black couches the … Continue reading

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