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New Republic Feature: The Knives Are Out for Obama and Jarrett

Under the headline, “The Obama Whisperer”, New Republic senior editor Noam Scheiber has published a very lengthy Nov. 9 feature, riddled with countless damaging leaks against the British Crown asset, “Senior Advisor” to the President Valerie Jarrett, and her personal … Continue reading

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LaRouche Demands ‘Thanksgiving Massacre’ to Purge Obama White House

LaRouche Demands ‘Thanksgiving Massacre’ to Purge Obama White House Lyndon LaRouche today demanded a thorough house-cleaning of the Obama Administration, leading rapidly to President Obama’s own removal from office by impeachment. Like the Halloween Massacre by President Gerald Ford on … Continue reading

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The Drive Is On for a White House Purge

Washington sources have confirmed that there is an all-out drive by leading Democratic Party circles, top Pentagon brass and other sane elements to force a thorough house-cleaning at the Obama White House. The recent leaks on Pentagon complaints about White … Continue reading

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Morell Testimony Points To White House Control Of Benghazi Talking Points Coverup

On June 30, 2013, the LaRouche Political Action Committee published a story entitled, “All Roads to Benghazi Lead to Obama through John Brennan.” The article pointed to a press release published by the White House on Sept. 10, 2012, which … Continue reading

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Democrats Revolting Against Obama

The Miami Herald reported on Friday, November 29th that many leading Democrats, including staunch Obama backers from the Congressional Black Caucus, are distancing themselves from the President as they begin their re-election campaigns. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is the … Continue reading

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TBTF Banks and Insurance Companies Demand Blood

The Financial Services Forum (FSF), which deployed the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) CEOs to the White House on Oct. 2 in the midst of the government shutdown, to demand that Obama block Glass Steagall, continue the quantitative easing and … Continue reading

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The House Is Now Increasingly Against a Syria Attack; Expect the Gates of Hell to Spew Threats and Bribes

         8 Sept.(EIRNS)–Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough appeared on CBS-TV’s {Face the Nation} today, and insisted to host Bob Schieffer that every member of Congress accepts the intelligence that the Syrian government carried out a chemical … Continue reading

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9 Sept.(EIRNS)–Obama’s planned attack on Syria has morphed from a goal of “deterrence” of further alleged chemical weapons attacks, to “degrading” Assad’s military capabilities, and is still undergoing significant escalation. Such an escalation threatens nuclear war itself, or other wars, … Continue reading

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