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Suit Against Obama Administration Violation of Fourth Amendment

Rand Paul: Suit Against Obama Admin. Violation of Fourth Amendment 11 June (LPAC)In an interview on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace, Senator Rand Paul stated unambiguously that the surveillance program carried out by the Obama administration is unconstitutional and … Continue reading

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Holder On Hot Seat As Obama Scandals Keep Growing

3 June (LPAC) If anyone knows about Watergating a President, it’s Bob Woodward, and this was his assessment this morning on CBS TV, when talking about the scandal of the Justice Department’s subpoena to Associated Press, etc.: “And you lump … Continue reading

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Obama’s A.G.Holder violated U.S. Constitutional rights in Boston College subpoena case

The Hill newspaper which covers Washington D.C. Capital Hill matters, wrote about the latest turn in the Boston College Belfast Project subpoena case in a unique manner. The article dated June 3 begins: “The AP and Fox News controversies are … Continue reading

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News Media Lashes Out At Obama Over DOJ Subpoenas

15 May  (LPAC)–The establishment news media — some of Obama’s biggest defenders over the years — is finally lashing out at the Administration, over the sweeping Justice Department subpoenas for records of more than 20 telephone lines used by Associated … Continue reading

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Walter Jones Demands End to Unconstitutional Drone Use

6 Mar.2013 (LPAC) The uprising against President Obama’s assertion of his right to order the killing of Americans on American soil, without trial, is not limited to leading members of the U.S. Senate. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) on Wednesday demanded … Continue reading

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Feinstein: ”If We Have To Go to the Floor of the Senate on a Subpoena,” for Petraeus ”We Will Do Just That”

See also new layer updated to the investigation at the end of the report* 12 Nov (LPAC) On November 12, a visibly angry Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), head of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, declared in an interview with … Continue reading

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August 26 (LPAC)–The New York Times on Aug. 26 ran an editorial, “No Crime No Punishment,” that condemns Nerobama and his Justice Department for refusing to criminally prosecute Goldman Sachs, and the resulting policy stance that the Obama administration would … Continue reading

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