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LPAC Manhattan Project: New York Times Rally

Check out our on the ground report from Friday’s rally in front of the New York Times headquarters as we ask the Times to show the same guts they did in 1971 when they published the Pentagon Papers story—ultimately leading … Continue reading

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Press Release: Why Won’t the NYT Publish Obama’s ‘Drone Papers’, which Prove Our President is a Murderer Who Must be Removed?

https://larouchepac.com/sites/default/files/20151113-nyt-drone-papers_0.pdf PRESS RELEASE WHO: LaRouchePAC Activists WHEN: Friday, November 13TH 11:00AM – 1:00PM WHERE: In front of New York Times Headquarters In June of 1971, the New York Times had the courage to initiate the publishing of Daniel Ellsburg’s “Pentagon … Continue reading

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November 6, 2015 – LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast

Join us at 8pm Eastern for your usual political update from LaRouchePAC. TRANSCRIPT MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. It’s November 6, 2015. My name is Matthew Ogden, and you’re watching our weekly broadcast here from larouchepac.com of our international Friday night webcast. I’m … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Obama a Murderer, or You may be Next; and Hillary is Part of Obama’s Team

https://larouchepac.com/sites/default/files/20151106-obama-the-murderer.pdf Doctors Without Borders (MSF) added to the already overwhelming evidence that the US destruction of their Kunduz, Afghanistan hospital and killing of doctors and patients on Oct 3 was another planned Obama murder, with a report they delivered in … Continue reading

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If We Don’t Match Up to What Obama is Doing against China, Our Organization is in Jeopardy

https://larouchepac.com/sites/default/files/20151030-obama-china.pdf The real problem is what is seen in Obama’s outrageous military provocation against China on Tuesday (Oct 27): Obama is determined to launch a thermonuclear war. Now, what happens to us, if we don’t say that and campaign on … Continue reading

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The Truth Is Essential: Obama Is a Murderer And He Must Be Removed From Office Now

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday issued a renewed, urgent demand for the immediate removal of Barack Obama from the Presidency of the United States by Constitutional means, lest he carry the entire planet into a thermonuclear war of extinction. LaRouche referred to … Continue reading

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The British Are Totally Bankrupt: It’s Time To Dump Obama, Schäuble, and Wall Street

Last week’s visit to Britain by China’s President Xi Jinping came at a time when the British economy is totally collapsed, the British banks are hopelessly bankrupt, the British Monarchy is in a state of disintegration, and the entire global … Continue reading

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