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The Dirty Money Laundry at HSBC: A Parody

By Bill Ferguson Here at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank We serve the Queen and those of peerage rank, Got billions of pounds, and opprobrium, For the financing of Royal trade in opium. Chorus: For the financing of Royal … Continue reading

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HSBC Headquarters Raided in Argentina

Call it “the Mother of the Vultures.” HSBC, the Crown Jewel of the British monarchy’s Opium Wars, then and now, found its Buenos Aires headquarters and two other offices raided Wednesday by agents of Argentina’s AFIP tax bureau, in search … Continue reading

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HSBC Avoids All Prosecution, Supposedly To Prevent New Bank Panic

The British empire’s drug bank Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), the biggest universal bank in Europe and the bank Lyndon LaRouche’s movement fought a sustained battle to keep out of the United States in the 1970s, has been allowed … Continue reading

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