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Glass-Steagall Portends New Era for Mankind: Death of Wall Street Is Cause for Celebration

The following is a paraphrase of remarks Lyndon LaRouche made during a preparatory discussion for tonight’s live webcast on LaRouchePAC.com. We are now on the verge of a new era for mankind. The members of the Senate who have taken the initiative … Continue reading

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Sarajevo for the Euro

The crisis now rolling through the debt markets is not a crisis of Greece, but of the bankrupt euro system and U.S. financial system. Most of the nations of the trans-Atlantic region are facing a breakdown crisis, if not tomorrow, … Continue reading

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LaRouche: We Are Now Faced with the Threat of a Terminal War

“We are now faced with the threat of a terminal war, that is a war that would be terminal for the human species,” Lyndon LaRouche stated in discussion this afternoon with the LaRouche PAC National Policy Committee. “If Obama remains … Continue reading

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Lyndon LaRouche on the LPAC Activist Call · June 11, 2015

American Statesman Lyndon LaRouche on LPAC’s weekly Activist Call. As the world financial system stands on the brink, Lyndon LaRouche is rallying the patriots to reclaim the United States. TRANSCRIPT John Ascher: This is our fourth discussion with Mr. LaRouche … Continue reading

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