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Britain’s Well Thought-Out Alternative to the LaRouche Plan: War, Genocide, Coups, and the End of National Sovereignty

Si se puede march in Caracas, Venezuela. January 23, 2019 (VOA)   DOWNLOAD PDF Over the course of 50 years of scientific endeavor and organizing, Lyndon LaRouche and his international movement have consistently presented, and helped bring into existence, a … Continue reading

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Stop the Next Economic Collapse—LaRouche’s Four Laws Now!

Over the past 24 hours Helga-Zepp LaRouche and Lyndon LaRouche have called for an emergency national and international mobilization to take preemptive actions to stabilize and reorganize the financial and economic system before the next financial/economic breakdown hits–a crash that … Continue reading

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LaRouche On The Record: Restore Glass-Steagall Now!

EIR One-Minute short: With President Trump now telling Bloomberg that he is “actively considering” restoring Glass-Steagall, the role that the LaRouche movement has played for close to a decade in leading this fight is now more significant than ever, with … Continue reading

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Trump Actively Considering Glass-Steagall: Act Now to Prevent New Crash

In an interview delivered this morning with Bloomberg, President Donald Trump stated that he is “actively considering” restoring Glass-Steagall to split investment from commercial banking and break up the Wall Street megabanks. Today’s show features EIR Economics Editor Paul Gallagher, … Continue reading

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LaRouche’s Influence: The Increasing Force of Glass-Steagall

Seen here in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act into Law. (LOC)   DOWNLOAD PDF Interesting comments on both sides of the Atlantic over the weekend reflected the increasing likelihood of the restoration of the Glass-Steagall … Continue reading

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Obama’s Mass-Murder Plan

  Obama has launched a plan for the mass murder of the U.S. population beginning now.  Only fools will ignore the immediacy of the threat to the lives of Americans (and others).  This is not something about to happen,— it … Continue reading

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Russia’s IMF Director: Next Crisis Will Find Us Unprepared

An event held at the Russian Embassy titled “BRICS 2.0—A Metamorphosis of Globalization,” sponsored by Russia Direct, a monthly magazine with news on Russia, brought together some pro-BRICS intellectuals to counter much of the recent slander about the alleged imminent … Continue reading

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Obama Continues To Be ‘President of Economic Collapse’

As President Obama herds Congressional Democrats to support across-the-board entitlement cuts in a new two-year budget, his “economic recovery” continues to collapse around him. EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche dubbed him “the President of economic collapse.” A major New York … Continue reading

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The Trans-Atlantic Financial Blowout: How Many Nations Will Bolt?

The assistant editor of the London Telegraph penned a quietly hysterical article yesterday, which begins: “It’s not quite Creditanstalt, the Austrian banking collapse that marked the beginning of the Great Depression…,” and goes on to say that last week’s profit … Continue reading

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New Jobs in May All Services, Most Low-Wage

The U.S. Labor Department’s employment report for May, which reported an unchanged official unemployment rate of 6.3%, said that of 217,000 (seasonally adjusted) jobs added in the month, almost none were in goods-producing sectors of the economy. More than half … Continue reading

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