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Manhattan Town Hall Meeting, February 23, 2019

Dennis Speed develops insight into Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of Potential Relative Population Density with excerpts from the Schiller Institute conference that took place over Presidents’ Day weekend.

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LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – The Real Lyndon LaRouche

  In the days since Lyndon LaRouche’s death on February 12th, messages of condolence and remembrance have flooded in from around the world. The personality reflected in those statements is completely different from the caricature depicted in the obituaries published … Continue reading

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LPAC Class Series – Class #6: Vladimir Vernadsky: The Biosphere and the Noösphere

  In this final presentation, we take up LaRouche’s relationship to Vladimir Vernadsky, who developed the concepts of the biosphere and the noösphere. Can study of the evolution of advanced life on this planet provide insights into the development of … Continue reading

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New Alignment in Asia Is Shaping the Future: Will the Foolish Europeans Be Left Behind?

  Developments of the last days demonstrate that the potential to bring the world into a new era of peaceful economic progress is emerging, centered around the diplomacy and physical economic advances associated with China’s New Silk Road (NSR) policy. … Continue reading

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Transaqua Moves Forward: Water Transfer Is Not an Option, It Is a Necessity

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari GCFR delivering welcome address at the saving the Lake Chad conference, Abuja, Nigeria. Photo: @lcbcconference2018   The official outcome of the Feb. 26-28 International Conference on Lake … Continue reading

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Ibero-America Joins China’s BRI, Will North America Be Next?

  EIR’s Intel Director for Ibero America, Dennis Small, discusses the recent agreement of the CELAC nations (all nations in the Western hemisphere except U.S. and Canada) to participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. This includes the Caribbean Basin … Continue reading

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The Anthropocene Viewed from the Noosphere, Revisited

  Months ago there was a flurry of articles and studies about “The Anthropocene,” in the context of a debate among scientists about whether mankind had altered the planet to such an extent that that activity could be recognized as … Continue reading

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