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For the Sake of Peace, Obama Must Surrender His Nobel Prize

Barack Obama with the Nobel Prize medal and diploma during the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Dec. 10, 2009. [Whitehouse photo]   DOWNLOAD PDF With only days remaining in his presidency, Barack Obama is continuing to escalate a potential world war … Continue reading

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Try Obama for War Crimes

Obama has waged a relentless war on humanity. Along with the American press—lead by the soon defunct New York Times, which provided cover for his Nazi policy—they acted with no less devotion to their population control “Green Utopia” fantasy then … Continue reading

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How Obama Created an Opioid Epidemic

    EIR’s Jeff Steinberg discusses the implosion of Obamacare as millions of Americans are being handed rate hikes at the same time incomes across the U.S. fall. Steinberg also discusses the top-down push from leading pharmaceutical companies to get … Continue reading

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Obamacare Falls with Obama, Rome Burns

DOWNLOAD PDF The summary of Obamacare found in this article was originally written in March of 2010. Americans have now irrefutably discovered what the LaRouche Organization told them seven years ago, that Obamacare, and Obama, represent a craven, evil attempt … Continue reading

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LaRouche: ‘Stop Being Scared, Get Out and Win!’

  There are good grounds for honest fear at present. In the world-at-large, there is the danger of nuclear war due to miscalculation, if not by actual instigation by the London/Saudi/White House axis; there is suffering and strife; and the … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee Show, February 15, 2016 (with transcript)

Join us live at 1pm EST every Monday for our weekly dialogue between Lyndon LaRouche and the LPAC Policy Committee. TRANSCRIPT MATTHEW OGDEN: Good afternoon.  It’s Feb. 15, 2016.  My name is Matthew Ogden and you’re joining us for our … Continue reading

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‘Gambler Banks’ Will Detonate: Are They Only in Europe?

The People’s Bank of China reminded the financial world today that trans-Atlantic and Japanese banks and stock markets just had their worst week of 2016, with all Chinese markets closed and no new data about the Chinese economy available. It … Continue reading

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