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LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show

Join us for our weekly Policy Committee Show, with your host, Matthew Ogden.

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What New York City Can Learn from Africa

The “Summer of Hell” now afflicting New York City comes not from decades of overdue maintenance, but from decades of having no future plan for the next level of infrastructure! Just as Africa must develop by leaps, rather than through … Continue reading

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Friday Webcast

Jason Ross joins Matthew Ogden for this week’s Friday webcast to discuss what President Trump is calling, “Infrastructure Week.” Ross just published a detailed review of New York City’s infrastructure deficits from the standpoint of Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of infrastructure … Continue reading

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The Economic “Platform”

The Shanghai Transrapid maglev train in 2012. (photo: Lars Plougmann/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)   Always informing our view of what some call just “infrastructure,” must be Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of what is actually involved in such a notion. It reflects … Continue reading

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Mankind’s Endless Development – The Economic Platform

Basement Team member Ben Deniston demonstrates mankind future growth is limitless with Lyndon LaRouche’s conception of the “economic platform.” This twenty minute presentation was given at the Schiller Institute’s NYC conference entitled, “Whither the United States: Nuclear power or New … Continue reading

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Part X: A Fusion Driver Crash Program: Upshifting the Human Species

Discovering LaRouche’s Method: A New York Class Series on Economics By exerting full control over the atomic nucleus, mankind will move beyond mere chemical and physical recombination of the elements, to the fine-tuned creation of elements, and the associated energies … Continue reading

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What Can You Do For Mankind?

Presidents of Russia and China seen here after agreeing to a large set of “Win-Win” economic cooperation projects. 2015. [en.kremlin.ru]   The worst thing that can happen to a bankrupt and decadent empire, whose continuing control depends on the mental … Continue reading

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March 4, 2017 – Class 4 of 12 of Lyndon LaRouche’s Economic and Epistemological Method class series – Speaker: Jason Ross

Discovering LaRouche’s Method: A New York Class Series on Economics The crisis facing especially the future of the United States, and the possibilities opened by the global revolt against the British System, require the creation of a real leadership in … Continue reading

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Leap To the Moon!

The Epoch of Mankind’s Future in Space Has Finally Come by Benjamin Deniston “A Solar System Physical Economic Platform” What will NASA’s focus be under President Trump? Rather than comment upon ongoing speculation and rumors, let’s focus on what needs … Continue reading

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Zepp-LaRouche Speech Transforms Conference on New Silk Road

Helga Zepp-LaRouche addressed a major forum on “One Belt, One Road’’ in Beijing sponsored by China Investment magazine, which is an arm of the National Development and Reform Commission, the main economic policy planning commission under the State Council of … Continue reading

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