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Jean-Claude Juncker deserves to be humiliated

EU Commission chairman jean-Claude Juncker has been hit by a bus: the revelations on tax havens built in Luxemburg for 300 large European companies under Junker’s government in the last 18 years. The EU had already opened an investigation on … Continue reading

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GDP = Gambling, Drugs & Prostitution

Thanks to the new accounting system of the European Union SEC 2010, GDP of member countries will magically “grow” starting in September 2014. In ten weeks, member states shall have provided Eurostat with new figures which include the so-called “non-observed … Continue reading

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EU Commission Prepares Scheme for Bail-Ins To Be Run by Brussels

6 June (EIRNS) The EU Commission has allegedly prepared a new scheme to supersede the Hollande-Merkel small step towards a Banking Union and a Banking Resolution (bail-in) Authority. The draft was presented as a discussion paper among EU Commissioners, and … Continue reading

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Muscardini Files Query to EC: Is Bankia the Future for All EU Savers?

Member of European Parliament (MEP) Cristiana Muscardini (Italy) filed the following Question to the EU Commission on Wednesday to provoke a response as to whether the Bankia scenario is the future for all EU savers. Muscardini asked if the Commission … Continue reading

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