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The Euro is Over; The Austerity Rejected, What about the U.S.?

You notice that there was a collapse in the European system, that is the Central and Western European system. This is a fundamental change. Lyndon LaRoucheMay 25th Policy Committee Show Continuing reports indicate that the bankrupt euro is going down, … Continue reading

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The Battle for New York Intensifies

The battle for the survival of the United States now centers around two distinctly different New York City images: The New York City of our first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, who forged the Federal Constitutional Republic around the principle of … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman slams Irish for voting Yes, predicts collapse of Euro

Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2009. He’s widely regarded as one of the greatest, and at times most controversial thinkers in his field. Earlier this week he argued that Irish people should vote no in the … Continue reading

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