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Brits Keep Trying To Dump Bail-In On The Rest Of The Trans-Atlantic World

The British keep trying to postpone the deadly austerity blow of a “full bank bail-in system” until they have seized full political control of the resulting collapse by nuclear war confrontation. The Financial Times reported April 13 (“Brussels scuppers BoE … Continue reading

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Welcome to the EU! Kiev Neo-Nazis Planning To Cut Pensions by 50%

According to a draft document obtained by Kommersant-Ukraine, the illegitimate government in Kiev is planning to cut pensions by 50% as part of a massive austerity plan. The Finance Ministry has prepared a plan for optimizing budget expenditures, which implies … Continue reading

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European Commission Moves To Sabotage Britain’s Nuclear Project at Hinkley Point

The European Commission is again trying to sabotage nuclear power in Europe, this time in Great Britain, where at least Brits know there is no future for Britain without nuclear power. The EC published 70-page report attacking the British government’s … Continue reading

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“The Time of the Troika” Is Finished, Say European Parliamentarians Heading Investigative Group

  A special delegation of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON), tasked with investigating the EU Commission-European Central Bank-International Monetary Fund Troika, and with co-rapporteurs Othmar Karas (Austria, EPP Group) and Liem … Continue reading

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New Leaks Reveal Broad Range of Surveillance Targets That Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism

Maybe one reason why the NSA’s bulk collection of telephone metadata has contributed so little to catching any real terrorists—as concluded by President Obama’s own review panel—is because most of their targets have nothing to do with terrorism. According to … Continue reading

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European Parliament Okays Bail-Ins

Coming as no surprise at all, the European Parliament gave its official go-ahead for the bail-in “approach,” in a decision Dec. 11. The policy will be implemented with an EU directive, entering into force on January 1, 2015, and the … Continue reading

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Europe Is Training the Next Generation of Asteroid Fighters

A new program, funded by the European Commission, to educate the next generation of scientists regarding how to deflect asteroids and manipulate potentially harmful Earth-orbiting space debris, held its first week-long training session last week at the University of Strathclyde, … Continue reading

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European Labor Party of Sweden Submits Glass-Steagall as a Response to EC’s Request on Restructuring Euro-Banking

12 July (EAP) Yesterday, the European Labor Party (EAP) of Sweden submitted the United States H.R. 129 Glass-Steagall bill and a discussion paper to the European Commission. This action was chosen in response to an EC official request for “Consultation … Continue reading

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Eurozone banks hold at least one trillion euros worth of worthless securities.

24 June (EIRNS) Wolfgang Muenchau writes in todays’ Financial Times that potential loses of eurozone banks can be anywhere between 1 trillion to 2.6 trillion euros thus making any discussion of using the ESM to recapitalize banks, or the European … Continue reading

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Troika Headed for Divorce Court?

After a scathing IMF report this week blaming the European Union for wrecking the Greek bailout, there is growing speculation that the Troika—the IMF, the European Commission, and the European Central Bank—is headed for a messy divorce. In response to … Continue reading

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