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Demagogue Obama Boasts of Executive Orders in Texas; Dem Congressmen Attack Obama Refusal To Visit Border Crisis

In the last 60 hours, economic breakdown-generated events and Obama’s “bizarre” behavior have coalesced to bring the possibility of impeachment to the fore. Demands for impeachment, by LaRouche, and others; the mooted Boehner suit against Obama, and Obama’s disregard of … Continue reading

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New Obama Climate Change Report Released; Next Month Come Executive Orders Against Coal, Cows, Industry, and People

The same Obama Administration which is blaming U.S. first-quarter zero or negative GDP and everything related to it, on “the severe winter,” released a report yesterday, blaming everything else on warming climate. Obama Chief of Staff John Podesta, hired for … Continue reading

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Obama Expands Sanctions Against Russia

In a brief speech from the White House South Lawn, President Obama announced yesterday that the sanctions mandated in his March 17 executive order against Russian government officials had been expanded by a Treasury Department notice, to twenty additional individuals … Continue reading

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Bridlegoose Obama

How Pantagruel was present at the trial of Bridlegoose Obama, who decided assassinations, executive orders, and lethal legislation by the chance and fortune of the dice. Pantagruel came to the impeachment hearings in Washington to hear the decision of all … Continue reading

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