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Some 50,000 South Sudanese Children Face Imminent Death From Starvation

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese under the age of five could die this year and nearly a quarter of a million children will suffer severe acute malnutrition unless food and medical aid are stepped up immediately, the United Nations … Continue reading

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Who Was Right President Kennedy or Parson Malthus ?

President Kennedy ‘s address at the Anniversary Convocation of the National Academy of Sciences on October 22, 1963 was a victory for this son of Ireland whose forefathers arrived in the U.S. as refugees fleeing An Gorta Mor. In his … Continue reading

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Many from West of Ireland Fleeing Famine Immigrated to Butte, Montana

11Aug (The Montana Standard) One of the darkest periods in Irish history would end up changing the dynamic and history of North America. Irish speaker Donnchadh O Baoill talked about the impact the Great Irish Famine had on the population … Continue reading

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Patriots Rally Against British Empire’s Mass Murder Then and Now

  22 June (LPAC) The fight in the United States today against the policy of mass death mass population reduction as a result of intentional impoverishment, starvation, disease promotion, and the new genocide of “environmentalism”, is as old as the … Continue reading

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The contrast between the course of developments that unfolded between 1765 and 1945 in the United States — which conducted a successful revolution against the British Empire — and India — which was unable to do so, could not be … Continue reading

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President Michael D. Higgins leads Clare tribute to those who died in the Great Famine

A West of Ireland town has remembered those who died or were forced to emigrate in the famine that robbed it of half its population. Irish President Michael D Higgins led the sixth annual National Famine Commemoration Ceremony in Kilrush. … Continue reading

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Tim Pat Coogan: Famine Was Ethnic Cleansing

Interview Tim Pat Coogan: We’re back to the conditions that led to the famine Tim Pat Coogan at the launch of “The Famine Plot” Photo by Irish Voice How, in a nation brimming with crops and surrounded on all sides … Continue reading

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