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Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Public Credit and a National Bank

Final Version of the Second Report on the Further Provision Necessary for Establishing Public Credit (Report on a National Bank), 13 December 1790 Click to access hamilton-Final_Version_2nd_Report_Public_Credit.pdf  

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Commentator Eric Zuesse: Democrats Should Impeach Obama To Save Party

Eric Zuesse, a progressive blogger at OpEd News, has put the question squarely on the table: Do the Democrats have the guts to impeach Obama? In an article yesterday, entitled, “Republicans Rule Out Obama-Impeachment. But Democrats … We’ll See:,” Zuesse … Continue reading

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Destroy the British Empire By the Most Efficient Means Available: Impeach Obama

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, there is no more appropriate celebration than to impeach Obama before he blows up the world. In discussions over the past 48 hours, LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized that the number one global priority … Continue reading

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The Diplomacy of Leibniz: Wisdom Is The Science of Happiness

With the agreement on Syria signed by Russian  Foreign Minister Lavrov and American Secretary of State Kerry this morning we see a welcome opening for real diplomacy as opposed to threatening brutality. The person whose diplomatic idea of acting “for … Continue reading

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