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Vladimir Putin Isn’t the Only One Who Knows Judo

Vladimir Putin took part in a training session with judo players at a Meeting with Russian national judo team. Jan. 8, 2016. (en.kremlin.ru)   Our circulation and organizing around the Barbara Boyd dossier, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: … Continue reading

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Joint Development—The Only Path to Peace in Korea

Trans-GTR transport corridors form the Northeast Asia Economic Conference Organizing Committee & Greater Tumen Initiative.   By Mike Billington It was true in the 1990s, as it was in 2002-2005, and is even more emphatically true today: only by engaging … Continue reading

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Go Not Abroad In Search of Monsters To Destroy

  In his famous address to Congress, John Quincy Adams warned that America “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy” but rather respects “the independence of other nations, while asserting and maintaining her own … abstaining from interference … Continue reading

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President Trump at the United Nations—What You Missed

The following short excerpts represent the true tenor and content of President Trump’s Sept. 19 UNGA address as a whole—not the selective clips which the lying media is endlessly repeating and elaborating. A glance at the full transcript or an … Continue reading

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Russia, China, the U.S. — Fighting to End the Unipolar World, and Establish the Harmony of Interests Among Sovereign Nation States

President Donald J. Trump at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly | September 18, 2017 (Whitehouse Photo)   DOWNLOAD PDF The great American System economist to Abraham Lincoln, Henry C. Carey, authored a book in 1851 titled “The Harmony of … Continue reading

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Lavrov and Tillerson Disscus Strategic Issues During Meeting at Russian UN Mission

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held an hour-long informal meeting at the Russian United Nations Mission in New York. They reiterated their commitment to cooperate in Syria to eliminate conflict situations and reduction of … Continue reading

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The Russian Hack Inside Job: Who’s Trying To Destroy The Presidency And Start A World War With Russia?

On September 9, 2017 at 1 pm Eastern in NYC, EIR Magazine hosted an event featuring two members of the VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity). Forensic studies of “Russian hacking” into Democratic National Committee computers last year reveal that … Continue reading

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