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LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – September 28, 2018

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Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

LaRouche’s economic breakthroughs have provided him a unique ability to foresee economic crises and to provide solutions and superior policies for the future. How did he forecast the 2007–08 economic collapse when nearly everyone was caught by surprise? Why is … Continue reading

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Sign the Schiller Institute’s Petition – LaRouchePAC Greets Trump at the UN

LaRouchePAC organizing around the UN, part of the Trump greeting party [Daniel Burke/LaRouchePAC]   The Schiller Institute’s international call for a New Bretton Woods, with 50 of the more prominent of its thousands of signers, is circulating today at the opening of … Continue reading

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LaRouche and the Battle for the American Presidency

  DOWNLOAD PDF In her remarks to the Sept. 22 weekly Manhattan Project meeting, Barbara Boyd referred to the implications of President Trump’s announcement that he intends to declassify the crucial documents related to the ongoing attempted coup d’etat against his … Continue reading

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Manhattan Town Hall with Jason Ross and Barbara Boyd

Jason Ross and Barbara Boyd address the real target of the ongoing coup against President Trump: how you, the population, thinks. Fortunately, Lyndon LaRouche’s discovery and lifelong work provides the most powerful weapon to avoid the trap of the British … Continue reading

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LaRouche PAC Welcomes U.S. Congressional Candidate Jeff Jones’s Agreement on 2018 Campaign for the Future

The LaRouche Political Action Committee welcomes the statement by Jeff Jones, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan’s 12th District, that he agrees with the LaRouche PAC Campaign to Secure the Future statement: “Countdown to the 2018 Midterm Elections: … Continue reading

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The World Is Turning Towards the New Silk Road

A view of the Worldlandbridge in 2014. (EIRNS, 2014)   Across Europe, Africa, Ibero America and Asia, nations are breaking from the straitjacket of the British Imperial order under the IMF and the European Union, in favor of collaboration with … Continue reading

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