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Make New York the Turning Point of History

The rapid escalation of tensions between the United States and Russia over the past few days’ developments in Syria has brought the entire planet into a very dangerous, delicate situation. We are closer now to the outbreak of thermonuclear world … Continue reading

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The Empire WANTED North Korea to Develop Nukes

EIR One-minute short: Bush and Cheney and Obama wanted North Korea to build nuclear weapons. But why would the West want them to have nuclear weapons? Because the target is not North Korea; it’s China. As long as you have … Continue reading

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Momentum For Glass Steagall Driving Wall Street Hysteria, as Momentum for the Belt And Road Forum Accelerates

Note: This infographic from 2015 is a bit outdated, but still shows some of the major zones of economic activity from China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. Infographic from merics.org   DOWNLOAD PDF Wall Street is clearly getting distraught over … Continue reading

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Brits: Nuclear first strike? Jolly good!

Subscribe to the new EIR YouTube channel. UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon decided to let the world know that the Theresa May government would not rule out the first-use of nuclear weapons. The British Empire is doing everything it can … Continue reading

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Against London’s World War Threats Trump-Xi Discussions Are Taking On the Greatest Importance

From @RealDonaldTrump, April 7, 2017, Mar-a-Lago, Florida: “”@FLOTUS & I are honored to welcome the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, & Madame Peng Liyuan to the United States.”   DOWNLOAD PDF With another telephone discussion Sunday … Continue reading

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Brits: Aggressive war is LEGAL (when we do it!)

The British Empire has no shame. Queen’s Counsel Jeremy Wright claims that Tony Blair cannot be prosecuted for his lies that led to the Iraq War, because: “It is established at by clear and unanimous authority at the highest level, … Continue reading

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To Stop the War Party Shut Down the British System

The majority of the world’s nations and peoples are in a state of shock, and fear, that the recent 180 degree turn by President Donald Trump — from his rejection of “regime change” and a commitment to work with Russia … Continue reading

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