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Boehner Loses Cool Under Pressure for Impeachment

Since he announced two weeks ago his intention to sue President Obama for failure to “faithfully execute the laws,” Speaker of the House John Boehner has come under extreme pressure from those, on the one hand, who say he should … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Congressman Steven Lynch: Obamacare Rollout Is the “Gift that Keeps on Giving” for Republicans

In a Dec. 31 interview with Boston Herald Radio, Rep. Steven Lynch (D-MA) explained why he voted against Obamacare, and spotlighted some of its not-widely-known provisions. “I just have great misgivings about the [Obamacare-ed.] system. In my opinion, it’s very … Continue reading

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Obama Signals: He’s Ready to Ally with GOP’s Ryan for Killer Entitlement Cuts

With the next budget crisis looming over a mid-January deadline, President Obama signalled today that he is ready to join ranks with austerity-pushing Republicans such as Paul Ryan, for carrying out Wall Street’s and London’s demands for killer budget cuts … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee · September 30, 2013

Watch this week’s discussion here .  Also the transcript and audio of the meeting are included below together with Mr LaRouche’s opening remarks. Transcript MP3 LYNDON LAROUCHE:  Well, we’ve just come on Monday.  Now, Monday is a very unusual Monday, because … Continue reading

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It Was Obama Who Insisted on the “Fiscal Cliff,” To Force Austerity on Dems and GOP

This article, on Obama’s manipulation of  the “fiscal cliff” is a great object lesson for Ireland. The Government here has manipulated the budget crisis, going way beyond the Troika diktats and used the EU subsidy issue in outrageous expenditures using … Continue reading

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Question 4 from the Nov. 9th Webcast, on National vs. Business Economics

The fourth and final question of the sixth in a series of Friday webcasts by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American population, leading out of the November 6th presidential elections. The question was on the difference between thinking about Economics … Continue reading

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Democratic near panic in Washington as Mitt Romney bandwagon rolls — Contrast in mood with happy Republicans is very evident as race closes

By Niall O’Dowd (publisher.  Irish Central, Irish Voice) (O’Dowd has identified himself as a Democratic Party supporter, with Bill Clinton’s actions in the Good Friday Agreement “sealing the deal” for him. So his candid report on the mood of Democratic … Continue reading

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