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Class #3—Are You Human, or ‘Hume-an’? The Philosophy of Geopolitics

  Broadcast LIVE at 7pm EST on Saturday, March 3. Dennis Small, EIR Intelligence Director for Ibero-America, presents the deeper, underlying axiomatic philosophical views behind the policies of geopolitics . The entire school of British philosophical radicalism was created to try … Continue reading

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Leibniz VI: Leibniz and the New World, and His Legacy Today

    Join us for the last in a series of six presentations on the life and work of the great scientist and economist Gottfried Leibniz, who was a key inspiration to the early Lyndon LaRouche. Today, the topic is … Continue reading

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Replies to Questions from Xinhua

The following interview were translated and published on 10/15 in Xinhua in Chinese. Xinhua published 4 of the 6 questions and the answers submitted by BüSo Chairwoman, Helga Zepp-LaRouche. The Chinese translations included the entire answer to these four questions. … Continue reading

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