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Royal Bank of Scotland Implodes; ‘Depression’ Like the 1930s Foreseen

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will reportedly soon announce it will be cutting many thousands of jobs amid financial losses of tens of billions. The majority government- owned bank was recently so highly leveraged that, though essentially worthless, its  … Continue reading

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Economic Regeneration – Franklin Roosevelt’s Hundred Days Program

This article appears in the May 24, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. FDR passed or implemented by Executive Order 15 significant pieces of legislation, in the first 100 days of his administration, beginning March 4, 1933. The most outstanding … Continue reading

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Sen. Bernie Sanders: “I Am Prepared to Run for President of the United States”

In an interview with The Nation, March 7, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont spoke at length about his willingness to run for President of the US in 2016 because of the miserable state of politics in the U.S. Sanders, … Continue reading

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Former EU Parliamentarian: Glass-Steagall is the Alternative to Bail-In

Former Portuguese Member of European Parliament Paulo Casaca argues in an article in Huffington Post UK yesterday, that Glass-Steagall is the alternative to the Bail-in model. Referencing the Council of the European Union’s Feb. 19th press release asserting that it … Continue reading

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Former French Prime Minister, Writing on ‘Taming Europe’s Banks,’ Cites FDR’s Glass-Steagall for Financial Stability

Michel Rocard, the Socialist Prime Minister of France 1988-1991, today released a column entitled “Taming Europe’s Banks,” in which he praises the effects of the original 1933 Glass-Steagall Act and implies that such legislation is needed now. Rocard notes that … Continue reading

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50 Years Ago Today: Kennedy at the Dedication of Greers Ferry Dam, October 3, 1963

Excerpt from the Remarks of John F. Kennedy in Heber Springs, Arkansas, at the Dedication of Greers Ferry Dam. October 3, 1963 Listen to Audio Here …This is a great country that was given to us and a great land. … Continue reading

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In Honour of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Yesterday was the 8oth Anniversary of the first inauguration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The bold action he inaugurated on 4 March 1933, at the peak of the great depression, we must emulate today, starting with restoring his Glass-Steagall Act, … Continue reading

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Bank of England calls for Glass Steagall at Jackson Hole

Speaking at The Central Bankers conference at Jackson Hole, one of the top directors of the Bank of England called for a return to the Glass Steagall principle of reforming the banking system. The speech was written by Andrew G … Continue reading

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Aug. 12 (LPAC)–Prominent City of London economist Liam Halligan once again stressed the urgent need to restore Glass-Steagall legislation, in a commentary today, which begins by denouncing the hyperinflationary intentions of ECB president Draghi — only surpassed by those of … Continue reading

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Spiegel Editor In Chief Calls For Banking Separation

In yet another case of the Wendehals (“about-face” phenomenon), this week’s Spiegel print-edition carries an editorial by editor-in-chief Georg Mascolo titled “Separate the Banks.” He reports on Sanford Weill’s conversion and says that Glass-Steagall should never have been repealed. So … Continue reading

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