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Your Life in Our Solar-Galactic Climate

  Join us for an update on the galactic water perspective featuring a new study by Svensmark and Shaviv that is determining your life in our solar-galactic climate. For background see larouchepac.com/global-water. Questions are encouraged. Ask a question

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Your Life in the Galaxy—Cosmoclimatology & Galactic Water Update

Image of the Earth to scale with the filament eruption. Note: the Earth is not this close to the sun, this image is for scale purposes only. Photo: NASA Goddard   The initial pioneers of the field of “cosmoclimatology,” Henrik … Continue reading

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“The Anthropocene” viewed from Vernadsky’s Noosphere

The recent publication of studies highlighting the role of mankind as a powerful geological force, referred to as the “Anthropocene,” serve as a good opportunity to clarify how this concept overlaps and differs from Vladimir Vernadsky’s concept of the noösphere … Continue reading

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‘One Step More, and We Lose Our Humanity’

The warning, “One step more, and we lose our humanity,” was a powerful focus in the presentation by Helga Zepp-LaRouche Jan. 26, at the National Press Club forum in Washington, D.C., hosted by EIR, titled, “Only a Scientific and Cultural … Continue reading

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LaRouche: You Have To Sink the British Empire

The British Empire’s economic system is more than dead, and the only thing worth discussing is canceling it all, eliminating it totally, and creating new options, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. There is no point in trying to quantify the corpse, … Continue reading

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The Immediate, Grave Danger of Genocide

The US and the world are facing an immediate grave danger.  The State of the Union address demonstrated that Obama is completely out of control, Lyndon LaRouche said today.  The speech was a total fraud, and anyone accepting Obama’s lies … Continue reading

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Obama’s Mass-Murder Plan

  Obama has launched a plan for the mass murder of the U.S. population beginning now.  Only fools will ignore the immediacy of the threat to the lives of Americans (and others).  This is not something about to happen,— it … Continue reading

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