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“Climate Accord” Exposed As Macron Raises Truncheon To Enforce It: A New Paradigm of Human Progress Confronts It

A standoff at the Arc de Triomphe led some to draw parallels between the Yellow Vest protests and France’s revolutionary past. [Ruptly / Screengrab]   A growing resistance, being provoked by attempts to impose the “Paris Climate Accord’s” grim regime … Continue reading

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The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor

  DOWNLOAD PDF Almost a quarter century after it was first published, Lyndon LaRouche’s October 1994 article, “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor,” remains today the most profound call to arms for all of humanity to at last … Continue reading

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This week in history – first-ever surfacing of a US nuclear sub at the North Pole

– by Rick Sanders USS Skate – Skate (SSN-578) in Arctic waters March 17, 1959 the USS Skate became the first submarine to surface at the North Pole. They planted an American Flag in a cairn they built out of … Continue reading

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Climategate II, NOAA Whistleblower, Exclusive Background

Get the full historical background behind the Climategate II story provided by NOAA whistleblower Dr John Bates. “NOAA breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact … Continue reading

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Your Life in the Galaxy—Cosmoclimatology & Galactic Water Update

Image of the Earth to scale with the filament eruption. Note: the Earth is not this close to the sun, this image is for scale purposes only. Photo: NASA Goddard   The initial pioneers of the field of “cosmoclimatology,” Henrik … Continue reading

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Terrorism and a Cold Winter Refugee Crisis

by Paul Driessen and Joe D’Aleo A brutal cold spell could kill refugees. Paris COP21 delegates need to discuss this climate issue. Even after the latest Paris massacres–and previous radical Islamist atrocities in the USA, France, Britain, Canada, Spain, India, … Continue reading

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US Tries to Pressure India on Global Warming, as Countdown to Paris COP21 Summit Proceeds

At a daily news conference in Washington on Nov. 9, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest put pressure on India to toe the line on the reduction of carbon emissions to decrease the impacts of global warming—in other words, to … Continue reading

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