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Paul Hill says Guildford Four were abandoned by Irish governments

[From Irish Central ] An emotional Paul Hill has told Irish radio that previous Irish governments did nothing to support the Guildford Four and others, including the Birmingham Six, in their fight to clear their names. Conlon died in Belfast on … Continue reading

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UN Human Rights Committee Hits U.S. for Human Rights Violations, Waterboarding, Demands Release of Senate Torture Report

According to the Britain’s Guardian, the UN Human Rights Committee meeting in Geneva for two days this week criticized the U.S. for a myriad of human rights violations including detention without charge at Guantanamo, drone strikes and NSA surveillance. The … Continue reading

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“Dirty Wars” Filmmaker Tears into Obama

Jeremy Scahill, author of the recent book and its film adaptation “Dirty Wars,” went after President Obama on a number of counts, during a Nov. 4 discussion at the Paley Center for the Media in New York, following a screening … Continue reading

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Senators Feinstein and Durbin Ask Obama To Stop Force-Feeding Of Guantanamo Detainees, and Close the Detention Center There

12 July(LPAC)  Senators Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin sent a letter to President Obama yesterday, centering on Federal Judge Gladys Kessler’s opinion issued Monday July 9 about the President’s power to end force-feeding of hunger-striking detainees at Guantanamo. Both are … Continue reading

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Obama Gives Final Immunity To Bush-Cheney Torturers — And, He Hopes, To Himself

Just as President Barack Obama has refused to prosecute any of the bankers and swindlers responsible for the 2007-08 financial collapse, he has likewise refused to prosecute any of the Bush-Cheney Administration officials responsible for the torture and abuse of … Continue reading

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Former President Carter Blasts Administration’s Police State Policies

  ( 27 June 2012, LPAC) Former President Jimmy Carter (Democratic Party) accurately described President Obama’s police state in an op-ed in the June 24 New York Times, headlined, “A Cruel and Unusual Record.” The op-ed was made more notable … Continue reading

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