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Obama CIA Chief John Brennan Admits CIA Spied on U.S. Senate; Sen. Udall Calls for Brennan’s Resignation; LaRouche Demands Obama’s Impeachment

John Brennan’s CIA penetrated and spied on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s computer network during the Committee’s investigation of the legality of the CIA’s infamous detention and interrogation program, according to a report released by the CIA’s Inspector General July … Continue reading

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How The Lord Of Suckfist Was Most Wonderfully Revived At The Impeachment Trial Of Barack Obama

A little piece of humor Courtesy of Francois Rabelais: It was early March 2014, and Washington, D.C. was all atwitter, as the impeachment trial of Barack Obama was about to begin. Five counts of impeachment, charging the President with violating … Continue reading

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Sen. Grassley: Obama Breaking the Law Again, Setting up Marijuana Drug Banks

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) slammed Barack Obama for breaking the law, and again abusing executive power by allowing the Treasury Department to establish guidelines on how banks can provide services for businesses selling marijuana. The Treasury Department issued a memorandum … Continue reading

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“I” Is for “Impeachment”

“I” Is for “Impeachment” Under the above title, former CIA officer Phillip Giraldi made a case on antiwar.com for impeachment of President Barack Obama, first, because Obama’s “having led the nation to the brink of war without the consent of … Continue reading

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