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French Deputies: Hollande’s Russian Policy Made in the U.S. State Department

Some French politicians are charging that President Francois Hollande’s Russian policy is made at the U.S. State Department and are calling on France to cooperate with Russia, sharply contrasting Hollande’s policy with that of General Charles de Gaulle, who insisted … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Bullied by Obama and British Lies and Empty Threats

The US Navy operates in Philippine Sea, Sept 19, 2016, during Valiant Shield 2016, a biennial USA-only field-training exercise with a focus on integration of joint training among U.S. forces. The first ever Valiant Shield exercises started in 2006.   … Continue reading

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Cheminade Announces for the Presidency on France 2: ‘My Ideas Scare the French Political Caste’

Monday morning long-time collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, Jacques Cheminade, announced his candidacy to become French President in 2017, during a ten-minute interview with Guillaume Daret on “The Four Truths” program on France 2 national TV network. Aired at 7:40, on … Continue reading

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Putin, Hollande Meet in Moscow—Agree on Coordination, Targeting Oil Smuggling, and More; Obama Sidelined and Exposed

French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Moscow, Friday, following Hollande’s meetings with his German, Italian, and American counterparts in the days before. For Hollande, the contrast is dramatic between his time at the White House … Continue reading

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Kerry: No Binding Agreement at COP 21; Hollande Throws a Fit

US Secretary of State John Kerry told the Financial Times on Wednesday in regard to the COP 21 Global Warming Conference in Paris: “It’s definitively not going to be a treaty… They’re not going to be legally binding reduction targets … Continue reading

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Jacques Cheminade: Overcoming the Fear

The following statement was released on Nov. 14, 2105. by Jacques Cheminade, leader of Solidarité et Progrès in France Horror has struck Paris. The massacres were committed blindly to plunge our country into a state of shock. With the same … Continue reading

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We are Winning. Don’t Negotiate. Don’t Screw it Up!

The events of this past weekend present the strategic situation in stark relief. On the one side is the massive display of power demonstrated in the Moscow celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE day, hosted by Russian President Vladimir … Continue reading

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