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Senate Rants on Geopolitical Imperative” for Fracking, LNG Exports to Defeat Russian “Aggression”

A two-hour hearing yesterday by the Senate Energy Committee became a venue for manic statements by lawmakers and witnesses on the glories of the new U.S. and global “natural gas revolution”—fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and the LNG (liquefied natural gas) trade—which, … Continue reading

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Obama in California, Blames Drought on Peoples’ “Carbon Pollution”; Backs Scarce Food for Biofuels, Scarce Water for Fracking

Obama’s visit to California on drought, Friday, was the occasion for him to re-state the tired, old imperial green cover-story for genocide, that people’s activities are causing drought and other weather extremes—namely overheating the Earth. He launched a new initiative … Continue reading

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