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October Financial Crash: Jail the Bankers and Implement Glass-Steagall

Interview with former Japanese IMF Managing Director Daisuke Kotegawa. Mr. Kotegawa personally dealt with the 1997 Asia Crisis on behalf of the Japanese Finance Ministry. He was interviewed by Michael Billington of Executive Intelligence Review on October 7, 2016. MICHAEL … Continue reading

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Bankers Who Should Have Gone to Jail are Wrecking the Economy Again

    Former Executive Director for Japan at the IMF and currently Research Director at the Canon Institute, Daisuke Kotegawa, discusses the ongoing financial crisis in the West with EIR’s Mike Billington. Kotegawa was responsible for winding down many of … Continue reading

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Global Financial Crisis Demands LaRouche’s Four Laws

The creme-de-la-creme of the bankrupt international financial elite gathered Friday in Washington, D.C. for the opening of the IMF/World Bank fall meeting—with absolutely zero idea of what to do about the onrushing collapse of their entire trans-Atlantic financial system, including … Continue reading

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IMF Changes Rules to Screw Russia, BRICS

The IMF changed the rules of its (poisonous) lending on Tuesday, explicitly to allow Ukraine not to pay its debts to Russia. It is still trying to think of a formulation for the “rationale,” but clearly London and Washington have … Continue reading

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Russia’s IMF Director: Next Crisis Will Find Us Unprepared

An event held at the Russian Embassy titled “BRICS 2.0—A Metamorphosis of Globalization,” sponsored by Russia Direct, a monthly magazine with news on Russia, brought together some pro-BRICS intellectuals to counter much of the recent slander about the alleged imminent … Continue reading

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IMF Leak Spurs Firestorm Over Debt Deal

Reuters was leaked a copy, Tuesday, of an IMF staff report dated July 14, that candidly admitted that the austerity deal struck over the weekend between the EU and Greece cannot work, and that Greece needs a huge debt write-down. … Continue reading

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British Empire Applies Its Murderous “Cyprus Template” to Greece

Among the numerous hideous features of the EU-Greek “agreement,” two stand out as modeled on what the British Empire designed as their “Cyprus Template,” as Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem coined the phrase back in March 2013. This is a “bail-in” … Continue reading

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No Diversions: Next Two Weeks Will Decide the Fate of Mankind

At any moment, between now and June 5, the Greek government may formally announce that it cannot repay the IMF. That single announcement, alone, will set off a chain-reaction collapse of the entire European financial system, which will spread instantly … Continue reading

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Any Greek Deal Has To Include Debt Reduction

Speaking on Greece’s Mega TV, Deputy Foreign Minister Nikos Chountis said that a comprehensive agreement with the lenders must include debt reduction. He said:”If the debt problem is not solved, all the rest cannot help the situation.” Bearing this in … Continue reading

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“Lagarde’s patronising remarks only outdone by compliance of Government “– Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD has said patronising remarks by Christine Lagarde at today’s IMF conference in Dublin, were only outdone by the compliant stance of the Irish Government. Deputy Adams said: “Today saw a desperate Fine Gael/Labour government … Continue reading

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