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China’s U.S. Ambassador Blames South China Sea Turmoil on Pivot

Speaking at CSIS after the conclusion of CSIS’s day-long drumbeat for war, Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, gave a rather thorough response to Tuesday’s decision by the Arbitration Court. “China rejects the court’s decision,” Cui said, … Continue reading

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Commentator Eric Zuesse: Democrats Should Impeach Obama To Save Party

Eric Zuesse, a progressive blogger at OpEd News, has put the question squarely on the table: Do the Democrats have the guts to impeach Obama? In an article yesterday, entitled, “Republicans Rule Out Obama-Impeachment. But Democrats … We’ll See:,” Zuesse … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee – July 21, 2014


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Palin: “Have The Guts To Impeach”; Wisconsin Republican Congressional Candidates Unanimous for Impeachment

Sarah Palin continued her onslaught against President Obama, delivering another call for the President’s impeachment at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver today. The event was attended by 2,500 conservative activists. Palin told a cheering crowd that: “These days … Continue reading

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Palin Doubles Down on Impeachment Charges

In the process leading to the impeachment of Richard M. Nixon, forty years ago next month, the dam of resistance only broke when certain high level institutional layers made the decision that, for the sake of the country, the President … Continue reading

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The War Crisis on a Hair Trigger, Blair is being Impeached, Impeach Obama!

The world, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed in discussions on Wednesday, is much closer to world war than you think. The British Empire and its puppet Obama are provoking Russia to an extreme degree with the slaughter in Ukraine, to try … Continue reading

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Senators Call for Reid to Follow Boehner; Create Special Committee on Benghazi

Hard on the heels of House Speaker John Boehner’s declaration of his determination to create a Select Committee to investigate Obama’s actions surrounding the Benghazi attack on the U.S. consulate and CIA annex on September 11, 2012, three Republican Senators … Continue reading

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Democrats Push Obama to Release Feinstein Torture Review

It’s been a month since the Senate Intelligence Committee voted 11-3 to release the CIA “Torture Report” and send it to the White House for review. Obama quickly put the fox in charge of the hen-house, turning the job of … Continue reading

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Sen. Paul Threatens Hold on Drone Memo Nominee

Senator Rand Paul has warned Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he will place a hold on the Administration’s nomination of David Barron to the First Circuit Court of Appeals until the Justice Department makes public the memos Barron co-authored … Continue reading

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House Response to Holder Motion in Fast and Furious Contempt Suit Compares Obama’s Ex. Privilege To That of Nixon

It is expected that Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson will soon issue a decision on Summary Judgment motions made by the House Oversight Committee and by Eric Holder in the suit brought by the Committee after the House voted to … Continue reading

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