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Bombs won’t bring peace to Syria: Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin’s spokesman, Seán Crowe TD, states clearly the party’s principled opposition to a Western attack on Syria but where we ask are the voices of the other parties at this time of moral crisis?  Is their silence down to … Continue reading

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Congress: Stop Thermonuclear War — Throw Obama Out, Pass Glass-Steagall!

Urgent release from Michael Steger, on behalf of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee. There will be no announcement for thermonuclear war. It will have started and finished in the same time that many Americans spend in their evening commute. After an … Continue reading

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Recalling Martin Luther King’s Courageous March on Washington and his Opposition to War

Martin Luther King’s anti Vietnam War speech got him into a lot of trouble at the time, but it needed to be said and he said it courageously as always.  50 odd years later the same truths need to be … Continue reading

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