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The (Dying) Elephant in the Room

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit with Queen Elizabeth II | July 13, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)   The City of London is scrambling to keep its control of the $1.5 quadrillion … Continue reading

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City of London’s Foolish Coup Against Italy Will Hasten a Financial Crash

  DOWNLOAD PDF The London-centered eurodollar elite have just used Italy’s State President to block its democratically elected majority government from taking office, effectively carrying out a coup against Italy. Now, can any doubt remain, that British intelligence circles and … Continue reading

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British Empire Desperate to Maintain Control—Coup Operations Afoot in US, Italy, & Beyond

  We’re sitting on a powder keg. In Europe, destabilizations are mounting. In Italy, the latest phase of blocking sovereignty and the will of the electorate, occurred last night, when President Sergio Mattarella denied the ministerial roster submitted by the … Continue reading

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Spy-Gate Knocked Out Russia-Gate; Now, For a New Economic System

Former FBI Director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former CIA Director John Brennan. Photo by: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Lovelady   DOWNLOAD PDF ‘Spy-Gate’—the exposure of British filthy-operations against U.S. elections and the Presidency, is now … Continue reading

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Italy and Glass-Steagall Could Save Europe — The Threat is From the City of London

photo by Dave Kellam   DOWNLOAD PDF The latest terrible “Russian threat” is now claimed to be coming from the two parties which have agreed to form a new government in Italy. Stalwarts of European stagnation and financial speculation are … Continue reading

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An Olive Branch from Putin; Another from Trump; and a Big Surprise from Italy

Russian President Putin during the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) Supervisory Board meeting. March 7, 2018 (en.kremlin.ru)   DOWNLOAD PDF Writing yesterday about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech heard round the world on new Russian economic policies and new-technology strategic … Continue reading

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Italy Dumps the Establishment

As Germany seems to get out of Italian conditions (with the SPD membership approving the GrosseKoalition), Italy seems to slide into German conditions — no party or coalition appears to be possible, while the establishment parties took a beating. The … Continue reading

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