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Free the Pope from Satan! Schellnhuber is a Satanic Figure!

Click to access Free%20the%20Pope%20from%20Satan.pdf During the most recent days, John Schellnhuber, a Satanist in the service of the British Royal Family, has in effect declared himself Pope. Schellnhuber was fraudulently inducted overnight into the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and tasked … Continue reading

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Chinese President Promotes New Silk Road Project on Historic State Visit to France

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived Tuesday in France for a three-day state visit, in which the French are giving him a thoroughgoing red-carpet treatment. The visit celebrates the 50th anniversary of the opening of relations between France and the People’s … Continue reading

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Interview with Pope Francis

If Enda Kenny’s government had not closed down the Irish Embassy to the Vatican almost two years ago, he may have been more able to give a competent opinion on the interview with Pope Francis which was published throughout the … Continue reading

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