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Lunar Settlement “Before The Decade Is Out” — Trump Channels Kennedy and LaRouche

  With his announcement that the United States was committing “land on the Moon’s South Pole by 2024, establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon by 2028, and chart a future path for Mars exploration,” President Trump is channeling … Continue reading

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Abraham Bolden on Kennedy, LaRouche, and Trump

Abraham Bolden, the first African American enlisted into the Secret Service, who served on President John F. Kennedy’s detail, shares his first hand accounts of the disdain for President Kennedy and the change is was advocating for within the Secret … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with a back-channel to Russia?

Long-time LaRouche collaborator Elliot Greenspan, discusses the who, why and how of the faction trying to overthrow U.S. President Trump and how Russian back-channels have more than once saved mankind from nuclear disaster. See Elliot’s full presentation from June 10, … Continue reading

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Reject the Fools Pushing ‘Russiagate’; It’s the Economy, Stupid!

A meeting between Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump took place on the sidelines of the G20 summit. July 7, 2017 (en.kremlin.ru)   If there were ‘traitors’ to the survival of the United States, they would be but the … Continue reading

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The New Door Opening for Mankind

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday evening for their fourth stop on their trip abroad. President Trump met with leaders from around the world before the NATO Summit in Brussels. (WH … Continue reading

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Tribute to John F. Kennedy featuring Mozart’s Requiem

In celebration of John F. Kennedy’s 100th Birthday on May 29th, we are proud to replay a concert by the Schiller Institute Chorus, augmented by additional singers and an orchestra largely comprised of volunteers from the New England Conservatory of … Continue reading

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The Return to JFK — LaRouche Webcast, August 30, 2013

In celebration of JFK’s 100th birthday, May 29, Lyndon LaRouche, in this seven minute video, answers the question, “How can we get this idea, which was the American identity, as expressed under John F. Kennedy, back into society?”

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