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What the Green Movement Doesn’t Understand – Only Creativity is Sustainable

Join us for the LaRouchePAC New Paradigm show. In the build up to the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (December) the British Royal family and their associates (such as John Schellnhuber) are escalating their campaign for a massive … Continue reading

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New Paradigm Show · June 24, 2015

The British Royal family—through their agent John Schellnhuber, an official Commander of the Order of the British Empire—has moved to take over the Catholic Church and use it as an instrument for their global depopulation, genocide agenda. This is an … Continue reading

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There’s Man-Made Global Warming, in Hell: But What Nations Will Agree To Go There?

Anyone who reads the encyclical written by British Knight-Commander John Schellnhuber for issuance by Pope Francis, cannot escape that it is an attempt to destroy mankind–that sinful and violent race made from the mere soil of the creator “Mother Earth.” … Continue reading

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Friday Webcast · June 19, 2015

This webcast occurs just hours after a breakthrough meeting between Russian President Putin and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras where Tsipras asserted, “a new economic world is being formed.” Meanwhile, Obama and the Republicans continue to push through their deadly “trade” … Continue reading

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On Razor’s Edge: The Case of the Satanic John Schellnhuber

Every aspect of the global strategic situation is on razor’s edge. The world is poised at the brink of nuclear war, as Obama and the British escalate their provocations against both Russia and China. (Russian President Putin announced today that … Continue reading

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