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At Russian Agenda Request: U.N. Security Council to Turkey: ‘Comply with International Law,’ Stop Shelling Syria

On Tuesday at the U.N. Security Council (UNSC), Turkey’s shelling of Syrian territory was taken up, at the request of Russia, and the Council unanimously urged Turkey to stop its attacks. At the closed-door session, Council members received a briefing … Continue reading

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Putin’s Syria Actions Can Sink Obama Now—Urgent Mobilization for Immediate Glass Steagall!

https://larouchepac.com/sites/default/files/20151004-putin-glass-steagall_0.pdf Russian President Putin’s flanking operations in Syria have not only already delivered a deadly blow to the jihadists of ISIS and Nusra.  They have demonstrated decisively that US President Obama is an ego-maniac incapable of strategic thinking or planning. … Continue reading

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LaRouche: We Are On the Verge of Genocide

On Friday night, as the report came in that ISIS now controls at least 40% of the Syrian city of Kobane, Lyndon LaRouche stated that we are on the verge of a total genocide of the population of the Middle … Continue reading

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Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Says Syria Ready To Accept Ceasefire If There Are Peace Negotiations

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil told the Guardian‘s Jonathan Steele in a Sept. 19 interview, that the government of Bashar al-Assad will call for a ceasefire should the long-awaited Geneva peace conference actually convene. “Neither the armed opposition nor … Continue reading

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