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The Real Science of Climate and Mankind

Yes, there is climate change—no, it is not your fault! The Earth’s climate has been slightly warming over the past century, but that warming stopped over 18 years ago, and global temperatures have flatlined (with many reasons to expect a … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC in Action • August 25th, 2014

Will the United States get out of the current crisis by joining the BRICS alliance, and the commitment to mine Helium-3 on the Moon? This question and many more are investigated on this week’s LaRouchePAC in Action

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Palin: “Have The Guts To Impeach”; Wisconsin Republican Congressional Candidates Unanimous for Impeachment

Sarah Palin continued her onslaught against President Obama, delivering another call for the President’s impeachment at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver today. The event was attended by 2,500 conservative activists. Palin told a cheering crowd that: “These days … Continue reading

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Sinn Féin Election Success Celebrated by LaRouche Spokesman

In Northern Virginia, Lyndon LaRouche’s national spokesman, Matthew Ogden, celebrates Sinn Féin’s stunning election success with a hearty breakfast and a sup of strong coffee in his favourite mug all the way from the Sinn Féin shop in Parnell Square… … Continue reading

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Update from Washington, DC

Join LaRouche PAC, call your Congressional representatives. Don’t let the British empire get the United States into the next of the series of wars, this time not through the assassination of a John F. Kennedy, but through the already dead … Continue reading

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LaRouchePAC in Action · March 5th, 2014

The British Empire seems intent on dumping Obama, for his failure to enact their policies. That dumping, as only indicated by the recent select committee on Benghazi, could be the beginning of a radical shift in U.S. policy, if Patriots … Continue reading

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Glazyev Analyses Ukraine Crisis

Russian economist Academician Sergey Glazyev, an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin on issues of regional economic integration and a long-time friend of U.S. physical economist Lyndon LaRouche, gave an interview to the magazine of Gazprom, published on Jan. 31. … Continue reading

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