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Fed Fakes Stress Tests, Banks Still Fail Them Without Glass-Steagall

The Federal Reserve did its best to fake its latest stress tests of the major banks, issuing releases which had the financial press last Friday announcing But by the time all the results dribbled out by Tuesday Mar. 25, it … Continue reading

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A New, Huge Potential Fine for JPMorgan Chase’s Bubble Crimes

The $950 million fine JPMorgan Chase has just agreed to with the SEC, for securities frauds in which it has admitted wrongdoing by employees (the massive “London Whale” derivatives fraud), may be dwarfed by another penalty to hit the bank, … Continue reading

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Bill Black: We Need Glass-Steagall and Bankster Prosecutions

On Thursday, Bill Black, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, gave his analysis of the arrest of two JPMorgan Chase traders on his regular weekly Internet program, “The Black Report.” Asked for “the story … Continue reading

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Rep. Marcy Kaptur Release Attacks Wall Street Lobbyists

29 June (LPAC) Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), originating sponsor of H.R. 129, has posted the following release exposing Wall Street’s desperation to stop financial reform, taken from a May 2013 Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone article: “Deja Vu on the Hill: … Continue reading

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Stockman Reiterates: Get Glass-Steagall, Forget Dodd-Frank

3 Apr. (LPAC)Former Reagan Office of Management and Budget Director David Stockman was interviewed on Wednesday on WAMU’s Diane Rehm Show, wherein he adamantly repeated his call for restoring the Glass-Steagall Act, so as to cut off all government and … Continue reading

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JPM Chase Takes Your Deposits, Too!

March 19, 2013 (LPAC) — American Banker yesterday reported from Senate sources that following the Senate’s March 15 report detailing numerous actions of regulatory evasion and securities fraud by JPMorgan Chase bank, “Senate aides are looking for inconsistencies in statements … Continue reading

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Financial Times Supports New York Regulator Lawsky Against Standard Chartered and Geithner

Aug. 13, 2012 (EIRNS)–In a humor-filled Aug. 13 “Inside Business” column called, “Let the Sun Shine on Thin-Skinned London,” Tom Braithwaite, the FT’s U.S. Banking Editor, makes Lawsky’s critics, especially in London, look as ridiculous as they are. “London is … Continue reading

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